• Essays on Japanese emoji culture

    I started writing essays on emoji culture for a Japanese web magazine “BestTimes”! In these essays I am going to explore the topic of emoji from different perspectives, including their history, functions and peculiarities of use in Japan and in the West.

  • 『知の回廊』Corridor of Knowledge

    Participated as  a commentator in the Japanese educational program 『知の回廊』(“Corridor of Knowledge”). This episode was organized by the professor of Chuo University Kengo Chiba and talks about the history and impact of translation of Western terms and concepts in East Asia. My part starts around 18:30.

  • Yomiuri Online

    My research about the toponym of Russia in Japan was mentioned in a Yomiuri Online article. The article talks about characters for country names used in Japan in our days and introduces interesting related episodes. 読売オンラインに小坂剛記者様による「日星外交の「星」ってどこの国~意外と興味深い当て字の世界」という記事掲載されました。珍しい漢字略称や国名の漢字表記に関わる面白いエピソードについて語られています。 私のロシアの国名に関する研究もご紹介いただきました。

  • Waseda Weekly

    A little introduction of my research and everyday life in Waseda University’s newspaper “Waseda Weekly”.

  • Japan-Eurasia Society newspaper (日本とユーラシア新聞)

    A short essay I wrote for the Japan-Eurasia Society newspaper (日本とユーラシア新聞).  I talk about a small exchange between Japanese and Russian kaomoji (emoticons). Many Japanese emoticons such as (‘Д’)、ъ(゚Д゚)、щ(゚Д゚щ) include Cyrillic characters, and at the same time the Japanese katakana character ツ is interpreted as a smile and widely used in Russian social networks (for example: ツツツ ♥ツ ¯_(ツ)_/¯).