My name is Anna Sharko and I am from Novosibirsk – a Russian city in Western Siberia. Since 2011 I study at Waseda University, Tokyo, specializing on Chinese characters and Japanese language issues. At the moment I am a student of a PhD course. I also work as a Japanese-Russian translator and a Japanese language teacher.

In this website I will be introducing some of my research activities, essays on Japanese language and writing, and any other general content which I find interesting. I hope you also find something interesting here.

Since my native language is Russian and the language of my research is Japanese, for now, most of the content of the website is in these two languages, but I am working on increasing materials in English as well. The content of the website is organised by topic and by language it is written in.

More about me

My current research is mainly related to Japanese language, writing and history. In Russia I specialized as a Japanese language teacher, so I am also interested in education and language learning. I also enjoy playing the piano, reading, traveling, observing, talking to people and some other things I don’t remember. At the moment I am studying Portuguese language (and hope to master it one day). Japanese calligraphy is one more ongoing challenge.